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Welcome to my PS3 Linux page. I've started this page because I am personally very interested in PS3 Linux (if you can put it like that) and have found that it is quite different from normal (x86) Linux. Among other things I'll write about installing Linux itself (which is very easy and has been covered many times by many people), SCUMMvm and many other things that I find useful. As it takes time for me to install/use/refine and write about it I can't add everything all at once. I'll try to add small things along the way starting with an installation guide (though I will try to keep it short as it is very simple and as said before, covered many times) and how to install SCUMMvm, one of my favorite applications by far.

A few small notes; the PS3 is power PC hardware. That means that applications specifically designed for x86 hardware (using x86 specific instructions) will not work on the PS3 without adjustments. If you are new to Linux (which I assume) this will probably not mean anything to you as you will never had any experiences with non-x86 hardware (using Windows or Mac-OS x, or maby you used BSD ;)). Right now you shouldn't think about it too much as it will only become important when installing applications and I'll cover this more then.

Also, one cannot really say he/she has installed "Linux" on his/her machine, or at least that doesn't specify what you have installed exactly. Think of it as Windows, there are several different versions of the OS thus saying you have Windows does not specify what you have installed. However with the different Windows releases they are generally newer versions. With Linux however different versions are being maintained and created constantly and separatly sharing the basis. You have many different versions/distributions (distro's) of Linux and the PS3 now also has two. These two are (x)/(k)ubuntu and Yellow Dog Linux of which the latter was first released. Which one you use is personal more then anything else. Me I have chosen to use Yellow Dog and thus my guides will cover Yellow Dog. If anyone feels the need for (x)/(k)ubuntu please let me know and I might look into it ;).

-Simon van de Berg

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